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CNA Module 7: Weights and Measures

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Statement of Purpose: The purpose of this unit is to introduce a measuring system for weight, length, and volume used by nursing assistant in the clinical setting.


1. Centimeter

2. Fluid ounce (fl oz.)

3. Foot (ft.)

4. Gallon (gal)

5. Gram

6. Greenwich

7. Household system

8. Inch (in)

9. Kilogram (Kg)

10. Liter

11. Meter (M)

12. Metric system

13. Military time (or international time)

14. Milliliter (ml)

15. Millimeter (mm)

16. Ounce (oz.)

17. Pint (pt.)

18. Pound (lb.)

19. Quart

20. Tablespoon (Tbsp.)

21. Teaspoon (tsp.)

22. Yard (yd.)

Performance Standards (Objectives): Upon completion of one (1) hour of class plus homework assignments and one (1) hour of clinical experience, the learner will be able to:

1. Define key terminology

2. Identify units of measurement used in the household and metric systems for weight, length, and volume

3. Identify and describe equipment commonly used by the Nurse Assistant for measuring weight, length, height, and volume

4. Convert common measurements between the household and metric systems

5. Measure and record weight, height, and volume using the metric and household systems

6. Convert between standard time and military time (24 hour clock)

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Module 7: Weights and Measures Lesson
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