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CNA Module 10 (Vital Signs) Course

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Statement of Purpose: The purpose of this unit is to prepare students to know how, when, and why vital signs are taken and how to report and chart these procedures. Students will learn the correct procedure for measuring temperature, pulse, respiration, and blood pressure. They will learn to recognize and report normal and abnormal findings.


Watch the lecture video and read your chapter notes that coincide with module 10 as listed below

A) Purpose of vital signs Ch 7, pp 173-174
B) Factors affecting vital signs Ch 7, pp 174, 180
C) Normal ranges Ch 7, p 173
D) Methods of measurement Ch 7, pp 173-184
E) Temperature, pulse, respiration Ch 7, pp 173-184
F) Blood pressure Ch 7, pp 173-184
G) Abnormalities Ch 7, p 173
H) Recording Ch 1, p 4; Ch 4, pp 18-20; Ch 7, pp 173-181

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