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CNA Module 5: Body Mechanics

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Statement of Purpose: The purpose of the unit is to provide students with an understanding of efficient and proper use of the body in performing tasks related to the role of the CNA. Students will understand the principles of positioning and transporting patients/residents and will implement these principles when providing patient/resident care.


1. Activities of Daily Living (ADL)

2. Alignment

3. Ambulate

4. Base of support

5. Body mechanics

6. Dangle

7. Dorsal recumbent

8. Fowler’s position

9. Gait belt

10. Grasp

11. Hoyer lift

12. Lateral position

13. Lift/draw/turn

14. Lift team

15. Lithotomy

16. Logroll

17. Mechanical lift

18. Pivot

19. Prone position

20. Sim’s position

21. Supine position 2

2. Trapeze

23. Trendelenburg

24. Total Quality Improvement (TQI)

25. Work-related musculoskeletal disorder (WRMD)

Patient, resident, and client are synonymous terms referring to the person receiving care

Performance Standards (Objectives):

Upon completion of the two (2) hours of class plus homework assignments and four (4) hours of clinical experience, the learner will be able to:

1. Define key terminology.

2. Explain the purpose and rules of proper body mechanics.

3. Identify comfort and safety measures used to lift, turn, move, and position patients/residents in bed.

4. List and describe body positions for bedridden patients/residents.

5. Describe patient/resident transfers.

6. Describe appropriate body mechanics used to ambulate a patient/resident.

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Module 5: Body Mechanics Lesson
Module 5- Body Mechanics Quiz