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CNA Module 16: Death and Dying

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Statement of Purpose: The Nurse Assistant is introduced to the various stages of the grieving process and physical signs of approaching death. This unit introduces death as a normal stage of life. The health care provider must recognize the physical, psychological, and spiritual needs of the patient/resident during this period to understand coping mechanisms and provide support to the patient/resident and family members.


1. Acceptance

2. Advanced directives

3. Apnea

4. Anger

5. Artificial hydration/nutrition

6. Autopsy

7. Bargaining

8. Cachexia

9. Cheyne-stokes respirations

10. Denial

11. Depression

12. Do Not Resuscitate (DNR)

13. Durable power of attorney

14. Hospice

15. Living will

16. Morgue

17. Mottling

18. Palliative care

19. Patient Care Self-Determination Act

20. Postmortem care

21. Prognosis

22. Reminiscence

23. Reincarnation

24. Rigor mortis

25. Shroud

26. Terminal

(Patient, resident, and client are synonymous terms referring to the person receiving care)


Performance Standards (Objectives): Upon completion of the two hours of class plus homework assignments, the learner will be able to:

1. Define key terminology

2. Describe the five stages of the grieving process according to Dr. Kubler-Ross

3. Describe approaches to meet common emotional and spiritual needs of terminally ill patients/residents and their families

4. List the rights of the dying patient/resident

5. Differentiate between common signs of approaching death and biological death

6. Identify care and comfort measures for dying patients/residents

7. Identify the philosophy and goals of hospice and the Nurse Assistant’s role when the patient/resident is cared for by a licensed hospice nurse

8. Describe procedures and responsibilities for postmortem care

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