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CNA Module 17: Patient/Resident Abuse

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Statement of Purpose: The purpose of this unit is to introduce the Nurse Assistant to patient/resident abuse. The module will focus on the nurse assistant role in preventing, recognizing, and reporting instances of patient/resident abuse.


1. Abuse

2. Advance Directive

3. Aiding and abetting

4. Assault

5. Battery

6. Choice

7. Chronic

8. Coercion

9. Confidential

10. Defamation

11. Defamation of character

12. Do Not Resuscitate (DNR)/ No Code

13. Ethical standard

14. False imprisonment

15. Financial abuse

16. Grievances


18. Informed consent

19. Involuntary seclusion

20. Laws

21. Legal standard

22. Libel

23. Mandated reporter

24. Neglect

25. Negligence

26. Ombudsman

27. Physical abuse

28. Policy and Procedure

29. Privacy

30. Psychological abuse

31. Resident council

32. Restraints

33. Scope of practice

34. Sexual abuse

35. Slander

36. Social services

37. Theft

38. Verbal abuse

(Patient, resident, and client are synonymous terms referring to the person receiving care)


Performance Standards (Objectives):

Upon completion of the six (6) hours of class plus homework assignments and one (1) hour of clinical experience, the learner will be able to:

1. Define key terminology

2. Identify and discuss types of elder abuse

3. Discuss the issues related to elder abuse

4. Explain the Nurse Assistant role in preventing elder abuse

5. Describe the Nurse Assistant role in reporting elder abuse

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