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CNA Module 12: Emergency Procedures

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Statement of Purpose: The purpose of this unit is to introduce the student to the concepts and procedures related to emergency procedures, signs, and symptoms of distress, and the role of the Nurse Assistant in Long Term Care (LTC) in the response to immediate and temporary intervention in emergency situations.


1. Abdominal thrusts

2. Advance directive

3. Agitation

4. Airway

5. Aphasia

6. Aspirate

7. Automated External Device (AED)

8. Barrier device

9. Bradypnea

10. Breathing

11. Cardiac arrest

12. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

13. Compressions, Airway, Breathing (CAB)-formerly (ABC)

14. Cyanosis

15. Defibrillator

16. Diaphoresis

17. Do Not Resuscitate (DNR)

18. Dyspnea

19. Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

20. Heimlich maneuver

21. Hemiplegia

22. Hemorrhage

23. Hyperventilation

24. Hypoglycemia

25. Hypoventilation

26. Hypoxia

27. Pallor

28. Pocket mask

29. Recovery position

30. Respiratory arrest

31. Respiratory distress

32. Stat

33. Syncope

34. Tachypnea

35. Unconscious


Performance Standards (Objectives):

1. Define key terminology.

2. Identify common signs and symptoms of conditions associated with patient/resident distress and describe the Nurse Assistant’s role and responsibility in preventing and/or responding.

3. Describe the immediate interventions in a medical emergency.

4. List the causes and signs of choking and discuss the use of abdominal thrusts for relief of obstructed airway.

5. Describe common emergency codes used in long-term care facilities.

(This module may be taught concurrently with Module 4: Safe Environment)

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