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Neutropenic Fever, an oncology emergency (1 CEU)


Fever is an abnormally high body temperature. Neutropenic fever (also known as febrile neutropenia) remains one of the most commonly encountered oncologic emergencies, as the number of cancer patients continues to grow. The body’s white blood cells (WBC) function is to fight off infection with Neutrophils being the first line of defense. Neutrophils fight off infection by digesting bacterial organisms and debris. Neutropenic fever most commonly arises in patients receiving cytotoxic chemotherapy and may be the only indication of a severe infection in oncology patients.

Neutropenic fever is considered an oncology emergency, as it occurs at a time when the white blood count level is known or expected to be low and the body’s immune system is severely depressed. Neutropenic fever is a life-threatening situation and should be reported to the primary nurse and MD immediately. Because the body’s normal defenses against infections are down, the survival of patients with neutropenia hinges on the expeditious recognition and appropriate treatment of infection

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this module, the Nurse Assistant will be able to:

1.   Define Neutropenic fever
2.   Demonstrate understanding of why neutropenic fever is an oncology emergency
3.   Outline causes and risk factors for neutropenic fever
4.   Identify clinical consequences of untreated neutropenic fever
5.   Describe management strategies for patients with neutropenic fever.



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