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Shingles Course (1 CEU)

INTRODUCTION Herpes zoster develops when VZV is reactivated in the dorsal ganglia and migrates to adjacent sensory dermatomes, causing a rash.  Following a course similar to that of chickenpox, the rash starts as maculopapular lesions, which evolve into vesicles and form scabs within 10 days. Complete healing of the vesicles may take up to 1 month.

What is shingles?

  • Viral infection that causes painful rashes
  • Can appear anywhere on your body
  • Non life-threatening infection, but can be very painful

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the signs and symptoms of herpes zoster virus infections and identify those individuals at risk.
  • List the most current pharmaceutical treatment options for herpes zoster virus infections.
  • Understand the importance to treating herpes zoster virus infections in a timely fashion to decrease associated complications.

Instructions for taking the course

To complete the course successfully, you must go through all the lessons below. You MUST mark each lesson as complete by clicking the MARK COMPLETE BUTTON. If you do not click the mark complete button, you will not be allowed to proceed to the next lesson. Please notice that all lessons have a minimum set amount of time that you are expected to spend on each lesson. You will not be allowed to Mark the Lesson Complete until the timer resets to zero; that is, until the minimum time set for the course has passed. For example if lesson A has an allocated minimum time of 10 minutes, you will have to wait 10 minutes before you can mark Lesson A complete. The Mark Complete button for lesson A will be grayed out and will not become active until 10 minutes are over. WARNINGIf you forget to click the Mark Complete button done, you will be prompted to go back to that lesson again and have to wait till the allocated timed minutes resets to zero again before the Mark Complete button becomes active. After all lessons are completed and they are Marked Completed, you will then be allowed to take the post test. If you successfully pass the quiz, you will earn CEU’s for this course and you can proceed to print out your certificate. LESSONS & QUIZ BELOW

Course Materials

Course Lessons

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Shingles Lesson 3600