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Dysphagia (1 CEU)

Dysphagia is the loss or the impaired ability to chew and/or swallow. It is a disorder of swallowing due to obstruction, impaired coordination or muscular weakness that affects the biomechanics of the swallow. This disorder may occur in any of the phases of swallow: oralpharyngeal, laryngeal and or esophageal. It is characterized by a disturbance in the swallowing mechanism such as choking, coughing, excess drooling, and the inability to handle one’s secretions.

Dysphagia can result from many different neurologic disorders including stroke, head injury, progressive neurological disease or cancers of the head/neck. Typically, impairments of the swallowing mechanism includes oral motor impairment, delayed or absent initiation of swallow, impaired pharyngeal function, impaired pharyngeal sensation, decreased pharyngeal muscle contraction, decreased tongue base movement and increased time of pharyngeal transit. Other problems can include diminished lingual control, delayed swallow, decreased pharyngeal motility and changes in oropharyngeal muscular coordination and strength. Decreased pharyngeal muscle control increases the risk of aspiration. Unmanaged dysphagia can cause aspiration, aspiration pneumonia, airway obstruction, malnutrition, decreased quality of life and even death

Learning Objectives:

On successful completion of this activity, the Nurse Assistant should be able to;

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the signs and symptoms of oropharyngeal dysphagia
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the complications of dysphagia
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how improved feeding and oral care practices can be promoted.


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